Saturday, September 13, 2014

Do You Understand My Sorrow?

Although my mental psyche was exhausted from the amount of matters that required my utmost attention as of late, my mind was still alert when my acquaintance wept over the phone, ranting on me her fears and worries.

The succeeding free verse is written based on the contents of our tele-conversation and from what I've observed when we were together. It won't sound smooth because it was done at the spur of the moment without any corrections made.... plus I need to practice more before I can pen any more heartfelt odes.

In the quiet corner that I sit,
I huddle against the wall in the deafening silence.
My eyes are pressed against my palms,
As I force myself to remain a tough cookie.
Yet here I am, shedding those tears.
With each cold drop, it slices my heart even more.
The invisible stab wounds bleed me dry;
It is leaving me incapable of emotions.
Your laugh, I can still hear its croakiness.
Your smile, it is ingrained in my mind.
Your words, they are a soothing melody to my ears.
I am suffocating under this wave of hurt,
But my face betrays not my feelings.
Under the peace of the summer's night,
Save for the cricket's hum,
I cried buckets' worth for you and no one else.
Oblivious to your gregarious approach,
I extremely care for you, even more than myself.


  1. You're so talented with words - a very heartfelt piece.

    1. Thank you, Yum List. =)

      It's definitely a talent, but I guess it also boils down to the ability to place myself in the character's shoes?


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