Friday, September 19, 2014

I is very the belly schleepy

Title translation: I am very, very sleepy (it's more like the child in me speaking...)

Oh, wait! ✋

Before I forget, something funny happened earlier in the afternoon. After catching hold of Mr. Layng at the staircase between levels 4 and 5 to pass him something, I flew down to level 3 to find Ms. Skura while being on the phone with Shaney concurrently. We were like agreeing to meet each other on the ground floor before a quick lunch with the remaining legs of the gang.

See, there is nothing more comfortable than being with the friends from one's own batch, I suppose.

When I exited the fire exit, I swear, I heard a familiar voice squealing on the phone and behind me. I had to turn to see who it was and found the three of them (Shaney and the "bears" - Teddy and Husky) waiting for the elevator and breaking out in a wave of surprise and laughter. As it turned out, the one shrieking was Husky because he couldn't believe his ears; he heard my footsteps and voice becoming louder as I approached level 3 as well as on Shaney's cell.

Talk about the beauty of turning up unannounced! 😅

I don't know why, but every time I return for a visit, there's always something new to discover as a graduated senior. Although someone warned me that the indoor unit for the air conditioner in the lounge finally blew out, I didn't quite believe it until I saw three industrial fans in the room. That's sighting number 1. Sighting number 2 was the acquainted students loitering outside CPU will have a tough time recognizing me if I enter the building while wearing my favorite oversized sunglasses.

What the hell? Does it however illustrate that they can't address me because my name slipped their minds in that point?

Well, I'm not sure, but nah, *shrugs*, it doesn't matter anymore.

I'm just too curious. =P

On the contrary, I've been feeling extremely uptight as of late for unknown reasons and chose to take a run around the neighborhood to disperse the amassed negative emotions. I know that there are some neighbors who jog without listening to music (I've seen them around), but for me, if I want to vent my emotions through exercise, I need music and in the lines of Eminem and A7X to boost the speed. 😵 😱 I still remember how I use to write that badminton is my favorite sport and such, but running seems to present another benefit in the form of relieving the soul of its worries, you know. The wind is blowing in my face while the supposed cool (it all depends on the time and temperature) air that I'm breathing is coating the body with warmth. The best part? I forget all of the worries even if it's momentarily.

It's nothing much; for starters, however, it seems okay and it's extremely grave if I push myself over the comfortable limit. 😰

After listening to my Media Arts classmate's mixture of two songs, my hands were tempted to give it a go on Au and experience the result. If the melody is soothing to my ears, I could custom make a phone and message ringtones for my cell. 😂

Hell, I'm not referring to the Chemistry's periodic table where Au equals gold.

Let's just say that it wasn't a pleasing experiment; it gave me a temporary headache, although the subjects of the conduct test were two comforting classical music.

And on that accord, I shall take my leave before the rain suddenly interrupts with the Internet connection.


  1. Me too. Very sleepy, tired. Adrenaline drop. Had friends from Trengganu in town, had such a wonderful time...but when they left, I felt so exhausted. Not young anymore, that's for sure.

    1. Not to mention, the humid weather does play a slight role too, STP.

      That was the same thing that happened to me. I was dead to the world when I returned home and could barely move around the house. I eventually resorted to crawling in my exhaustion. >.<

  2. Hahaha! So cute cause I've a friend who talks like that too :)

  3. That would be really neat to have the tones you created.

    1. I might consider uploading a couple of it if and when I'm satisfied with the musical mix, Lady Lilith. ^^

      In addition, I won't have to rush to answer my phone as I'll be able to differentiate if it's my cell or the other person's that is ringing.

  4. ooo, i know eminem makes a lot of people feel energised, but his music makes me feel tense and stressed out, heh. all that rage that he channels :)

    1. It's okay, Sean. Mama Carrie has told me something similar too; she does have a figurative headache whenever I accidentally play Eminem's songs or Avenged Sevenfold a little too loud.

      I guess I need that oomph to keep me going while I'm jogging. ^^


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