Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm turning around....

For reasons that I'll rather not divulge, we were in the city centre for an extended meeting with a longtime acquaintance. Based on previous sessions, we suspected that it'll be lengthy and encroach into our dinnertime and chose to eat at the nearby Pavilion's food court, Food Republic.

We've been here at least twice, so deciding on what to eat was an easy feat.

In the end, we settled for a sizzling bowl of dolsot bibambap (another version of the specialty). A quick research with Wikipedia revealed that it's the Korean version of our Chinese economy rice; it's quite a healthy dish, if you ask me, with the 7 colors of vegetables, fermented items and the minimum usage of sauces (soya sauce being the main choice?)

(I've found a trick on tackling the dish without burning my tongue, which is to allow it to cool down under the air-conditioned food court)

Teochew Mama would've bought another plate of char koay teow if there weren't any time constraints; our acquaintance is someone who stresses heavily on punctuality, a trait that I admire and applaud. I can't believe that even when we were pressured for time, she swerved to the little booth, Kurtos Spiroll, selling a Hungarian delicacy called kürtős kalács after being attracted by its presentation before purchasing the Nutella Walnut flavor. (To be honest, I was never thinking on writing about our modest dinner/dessert until she told the sales assistant that I'll be doing so.)

I actually cringed because I've eaten Nutella for toast out of curiosity in a friend's house and still remember the uncomfortable feeling of my teeth being coated with a layer of sweetness. Lo and behold, my suspicions were confirmed the moment I took the first bite. I was greeted not by the aromatic taste of the dough but the overwhelming aftertaste of chocolate; it even overpowered the subtle oomph of the crunchy walnut. But I know it's only just me with a sensitive palate; the taste is already perfectly balanced to accommodate the appetite of the general public.

Surprisingly, the dessert still remained fresh when I attempted to finish the remainder for supper with my mug of rolled oats.

I still have my moments when I struggle with my messed-up need to satiate the hunger. Still, I'm contemplating of buying this plus a couple of other flavors when I'm in Pavilion again, and who knows I'll be able to do an actual food review of kürtős kalács then?

We'll see about that. ^^

To be honest, no matter how exhausted I was from the journey, I couldn't fall asleep in the car because I wanted to watch the roads that guide us home being illumined at night and the seemingly mundane buildings being lit up with neon lights.

I know we should've slept in instead of arising earlier to catch some exercise at the hills after two consecutive late nights. To be honest, I'm pretty accustomed to it although I'll sleepily (and figuratively) roll myself down the bed and risk injuring my ankles or worse case scenario, the spine.

A shower and change of attire later, we were in Empire Subang to browse Uniqlo as the store was having their opening promotions. In addition, the autumn and winter climates of the Australian state I'll be in is similar to that of Auckland's, which practically requires me to purchase more winter clothes, especially hoodies and vests. The ones Teochew Mama bought from the Paradigm Mall branch two Decembers ago aren't enough either.

Oh, boy. =.="

It took us about 2 hours to settle with the necessary attire and it wasn't until a little after 6 that I was able to catch some rest when we returned home.  


  1. you chose my absolute favourite korean dish ... i love bibimbap when it's done well. the combo of the distinctively flavoured rice and the creamy egg with all the crisp, fresh veggies ... comfort food to lift the spirit :D

    1. I had no choice at that time, Sean. Bibambap seemed to be the best choice out of the varieties being offered as Teochew Mama wouldn't allow me to run off for a comforting bowl of noodle soup, that's why. =/

      That's true; I definitely agree with you on it. It's like, it's simple yet tasty and satiating. ^^

  2. Me too! I love bibimbap, don't think we can get that here. :(

    1. Perhaps someone will introduce it to the folks in Sibu soon, STP? =)

      I was watching Taste with Jason earlier, and an Italian chap opened a restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine in Kuching. Fingers crossed, I suppose?

  3. Tell you what, I ve not try bibambap. At one point of time, I have the urge to make it myself but I did not. Lazy.

    1. I'm sure that there are Korean restaurants around town that are selling it, Yee Ling. ^^ Perhaps HB would be able to bring you there? *winks*

      I know; making it from scratch can be difficult and complicating because of the presentation of the dish... not to mention, the Korean ingredients like the "red paste"... =/

  4. I have not tried the Kurtos Spiroll before... though it looks interesting.
    and im pretty sure you have an extraordinarily sensitive palate by reading this post.
    Nutella and Walnut can easily satisfy my tastebuds ... I love everything with nuts and choco. (Although both are fattening)

    1. You should give it a try, Eunice; it's really tasty. ^^

      Well, I guess I grew up being exposed to a pretty plain diet (that consists of less sugar and salt); that's why I've a sensitive palate. =/


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