Thursday, June 16, 2011

A random event

I don't know where my friend found the above picture. What's a pinata anyway?

Come to think of it, I don't think I've posted the above said picture before. Anyway, to buy six packets of biscuits when I'm trying to limit my carbohydrate consumption is definitely unheard of, but there are times when I can really down pieces after pieces of it. *winks*

While we were heading down to the lower ground floor, I saw that there was a movie carnival at the concourse floor. Normally, I will check it out or take a photo of it, but there was a serious-faced security guard there. I don't know what was on his mind, but I feared that he will bark at me to move on.

It was such a pity that I wasn't there when the celebrities were speaking to the reporters. I know I may never be able to muster the courage to ask a celebrity whether we could have a picture, but who knows? For those who have read the draft copy of A Sudden Change of Heart, Mae's picture with Cecilia King is actually based on my wish. =D

In Sunway Pyramid, I saw this when I was walking to Daiso with Mama Carrie. Because I had forgotten to enable flash on my camera, I don't know if you can clearly see the image of a sitting man, deep in thought.


  1. A pinata is a stuffed animals (normally shaped like a donkey) filled with sweeties and the kids will hit it to retrieve the sweeties.

    Love how you always update about your dreams :)

  2. Hi Izra. I see... cause I've not quite seen a pinata here in KL or maybe I've not been to Toys R' Us in years.

    Thanks, friend. =)


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