Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It sent shivers down my spine

[10/7/16 Update: I've finally deciphered this dream. The reason why I had this dream was because I was bothered by something in my past. Something that is too private to be shared online.]

<- a="" credited="" href="http://www.cuti.com.my/hotel/info/id/1713/Malaysia/Negeri-Sembilan/hotel/Avillion-Port-Dickson/" is="" picture="" target="_blank" this="" to="">Cuti Malaysia.

When I told Mama Carrie about the dream, she sighed. "Oh, man, you're dreaming of spirits again? How did you know that it was a ghost? It is not a good sign."

We were guided by the male worker to our villa suite at a beach resort. I found myself swimming in the swimming pool alone and, at other times, with a friend in the ocean. While waiting for the elevator, I bumped into a spirit of someone, wearing the uniform of a flight attendant. He was lugging a luggage, but the part that numbed me was that it had no face and no limbs.

"I think I know what the dream is telling me. It is telling me to stay away from water as swimming will be my downfall."

Mama Carrie rolled her eyes. "Yeah, as if you swim!"


  1. Hye that picture looks beautiful! Where is it? U recently went there for hols?

  2. It's actually from one of the water chalets in Avillion Port Dickson. I was in the hotel only for a drink recently, but the picture was pulled from and credited to Cuti Malaysia. =) It was a working trip, actually. =)

  3. ooooh... haha went to the hotel for a drink, so COOL!! ;)

  4. Yes, Christine. =) The drink that I had was so tasty that my Mom wouldn't mind drinking it if we're in PD again.


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