Sunday, June 5, 2011

A midnight post

Look, I'm not sure why I'm online at this hour when I could be sleeping in bed. And since Mama Carrie couldn't fall asleep either, she allowed me to come online and kill the time.

Credits to Travel and Living Channel for the image

I drove to KLIA to pick up a friend who had just flown in from the States. I parked my car at one of the entrances and walked into the arrival area, scanned the place to see whether his flight had already touched down.

We exchanged smiles when our eyes landed on each other and embraced each other in a bear hug when he exited the Customs area. It's after all been years since we saw each other. There was also a two-day vacation in the works with another friend of mine.

- not a dream, just a thought

Hmm... it would've happened if it weren't for some interferences, but it will happen one day in the future.

I had been tossing and turning in my bed for the last hour and just couldn't fall asleep. It must've been because of the iced lemon tea that I downed at almost four-thirty p.m in Avillion. The weird thing was that when I wrote this post, I suddenly struggled to keep my eyes open. I will update more later as I need to catch some sleep for morning Mass.

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  1. A wonderful thought, that I hope to one day live through. I hear lettuce is good for sleep. Mmh I have a lack of dreams lately, looking forward to hearing more of yours.


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