Wednesday, June 8, 2011

(My Own) Curves in Blogging

I was inspired by Curves of Blogging - written by MissyCheerio - to contribute my fair share and write about the story behind the start of my blogging adventure.

I started back in 2008 as a newbie, not knowing much about the world of writing or blogging. I only knew blogs as an online journals, nothing more. I found myself admiring accomplished bloggers like XiaXue and Kenny Sia. What really drove me to start a blog was the fact that I could hide behind a pseudonym (which I later ditched and used my name. Yes, Ciana is me.) and vent my frustrations and rattle away about life. I wish I could remember the first post, but I can't because I have since deleted most of my archived posts.

Posting pictures of me and my friends would be lovely, but I have read a lot about the risk it puts on one's self. I've a habit of thinking too much, lol. In fact, I'm already feeling a sense of uncomfortableness at the thought of random strangers approaching me on the streets. Well, I'm not saying that I won't do it, but my self-portraits will only come when I'm comfortable with family, friends and strangers alike viewing it.

The year 2009 came with a bang and departed with a morose mood. Blogging has helped me to cope with the grief and the issues that came along with it. I have learned to bury it in an invisible box. 2010 carried over some of the morose mood but the year gradually improved, all with the help of blogging. It hit a dead spot along the way, where I wanted to give it all up and run as far as I can from the world of bloggers and blogging.

I came to know other bloggers like Izra and Steff and, as of late, Sui Ying and Crystal. I've never met any one of them, but it feels like we've been friends for a long while. More and more friends are becoming aware of this blog and are supporting me in ways that they can. My parents are aware of this blog's existence (I've showed it to my Mom; she had a hard time moving her way around), but I doubt my Dad ever pays a visit. I don't blame them as one's bad at Internet and the other is always pressed for time.

Blogging has, mysteriously and surprisingly, helped me to write better. I love to receive comments - flattering, inspiring and constructive - as it help to spur and encourage me to improve. In the three years that this blog has been in existence, I have received a bunch of hateful messages, which I surprisingly handled it with ease. It can't be helped as there will be people who are jealous of one. Cause if it were to happen in the real world, I will have went head-on and fight my way through. (Oops. >.<)

You see, I have never intended to earn any money from paid advertizements (on the blog) because I already have enough to survive monthly, but it'd be nice to have extra money, especially when you're burning to get that one special item. Nor have I intended to become an online popular figure. I just wanted an ordinary blog where I can be myself without feeling the pressure. It's not that being famous is bad, but people will be paying more attention on me and hoping that they can bring me down using whatever methods (even though it's a plain rumor) or tricks they can think of.

I have since made the transition from a newbie blogger to one with dreams of the future. I don't mean to come off as boastful, but I do intend to fill my blog with future life experiences.

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  1. Well said my dear!! woohooo!!! =) I'm beginning to not post family pictures up too; only group pictures wit loads of ppl ;)


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