Monday, March 19, 2012


All the three of us were happy that Leigh had found a comfortable, well-paid job and it was normal for her to be nervous on her first day. Which newbie wouldn't?

Six months later, I received a call that she hadn't returned to the home that she shared with Missy after leaving the office for the day. Something in my heart led me to an acquaintance's banana plantation in a small village and true enough, I found an important clue there; it gave me a couple of reasons behind her disappearance.

While Missy was keeping an eye out on the signboards to guide us out of the secluded village, she saw a couple of notes peeking out of the back pocket of the driver's seat. It was written in Leigh's handwriting with messages that read 'keep this, please don't throw it away' and 'there are people you have to ask'. When Missy brought it up, there was more shock added to the shock that we had sustained from the news as I totally knew what the second message had meant.

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