Friday, March 9, 2012

Freezing Glares

There are certain things that still can infuriate me after all these years and in addition to last week's event, I really need a day of shopping spree and movies with a close friend or two to melt the frustrations that have since risen in my mind.

我越想那个事情, 我越要抓狂.

It's unfair for one to ask for everything and not sacrifice a single bit. Nothing in life is free, unfortunately. Everyone has to sacrifice at least something to get what they want.

I know God wants humans to extend their help willingly without expecting any blessings in return, but I can't stand the thought of unappreciative beings and the worst part is that one only comes to know of the true colors until it is too late. In my world, it is tough to forgive one for one's negative actions as it is tough to forget the whole issue.

And I'm off to soothe my boiling blood before it splashes everywhere...

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