Sunday, March 18, 2012

Two More Weeks

Two more weeks to go.

If I have a choice, I don't want to attend it. I cannot bear the thought of it. I don't understand why the whole event has to end late into that hour. It's not like everyone wants to sit through the whole details of it while there is enjoyment on only one side of the fence.

We're here because we have to and not because we willingly want to. Not everyone likes the idea of returning home in the wee hours on that long, quiet drive out.

Certainly not me. Certainly not Mama and Papa Carrie either.

I can't avoid it; either way I take, I still have to face it with only a different batch of people there. How I feel like screaming at the person who arranged the timing. With the amount of segments included, it is still alright if it starts earlier. How come it was possible to start earlier back in the year and not in this day of age?

Geez, if it ain't compulsory to attend, I will skip it all together, you know.

Two more weeks to go.

The vows that I have silently made will expire on its own after some time, but I will take it to the next level now that someone has forced my hand. Why should I follow her and the group of acquaintances for the plates of famous dishes now? Why should I watch the movie that I've intended to watch?

It won't change anything if I do or don't, eat or don't eat.

I won't lose anything by staying away.

Might as well throw my time into perfecting and honing my skills in baking and cooking instead. At least that can/may be utilized for good uses in the future....


  1. Unluckily there are things that we have to do, even if we don't want.
    Just don't think about it until minutes before going. ..and think about your fantastic baking times when you'll be there! :)

    1. Laura: I guess it's part and parcel of life that we've to do the things that we aren't willingly doing.

      I'll try to push it to the back of my mind until the day comes and keep an open mind, hoping to return home asap to bake chocolate cheesecake but I really wish that attendance is not compulsory. Sigh.


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