Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oops, I did it again

Recollecting my experience, I am feeling a tad bit of embarrassment and awkwardness as I don’t think anyone else has fallen (or rather, tripped) more times than me.

Don’t believe me? Well then, I shall list down my mishaps, the ones that I can summon from memory with ease.

Toddler: in the walking chair, slammed into an expensive lady statue that landed me in the A&E (emergency room) for stitches.

Kiddo: slammed into the sliding door in a friend’s house in Cheras, which gave me a temporary bump on my forehead; tripped on the steps that led to some shop on the first floor; missed my balance and landed on my face in class – in front of all the classmates! – but I still believe that this one was the work of a mischievous student.

Teenager: tripped on my formal attire at an acquaintance’s wedding dinner in Cyberjaya, which left me so embarrassed that I spent quite a long time away from the ballroom, trying to regain some composure; lost my balance and sprained my ankle thrice – twice in sport shoes in Gasing Hill, once in wedges at the entrance of another acquaintance’s office.

And recently, something knocked me out of my balance that sent me falling flat on the sandy ground – in broad daylight, among the midst of Church parishioners. Nothing serious ensued; there were no superficial injuries and all the contents in my bag remained in place.

See what I mean?

It has happened on such regular intervals that I’m suspecting a handful of possibilities: 1) my gravity of balance is out; or 2) I’m mishap-prone; or 3) I don’t have the proper skill of walking in different types of footwear.


  1. Haha, I sprained my ankle severely every now and then. The chiropractic told me the tendancy of loosing your balance could be your backbone. Perhaps you should consult one too.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Sycookies. =)

      I'll have a word with a chiropractic when I see him. =)

  2. yikes. i used to have a fear of slipping, cos i used to fall a lot when i was younger, while walking on wet surfaces especially. it was physically painful, landing on my back and twisting my ankles sometimes. hopefully our falls won't cause us any aches later on in life though ...

    1. That's traumatic, Sean. =O

      Hopefully, but I've heard that it will return to haunt us when we're older. We just have to take precautions now to prevent any more injuries or damages. =(


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