Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Saving Minds

My original intention was to publish this post as "Save Me", but I don't want to frighten anyone into thinking that I am up to something terrible when I'm merely frustrated.

In my life, there are only so many things I can handle without exploding into pieces. This matter, however, isn't one of them.

Being sent around town running errands that are not even mine in a sticky, sweaty and soiled state doesn't go down well with me, but to learn that the other party doesn't bother to at least apologize for the inconvenience stinks. She obviously doesn't know how much inconvenience she has put me through to smoothly execute that one little thing.

The calming effect is that she appreciates it.

Not like someone else.

Nope, I don't intend to tell her either because it won't make any difference.

So, why waste my breath when I should accrue the burning flame and flare at worthwhile matters like the quirky, inconsiderable folks who love to breathe down my neck instead? I'm unwillingly swallowing everything with a pinch as I'm not one who likes to carp and be an antagonist - but I can be heard muttering yells under my breath, if you're unlucky.

Oh, and that stare.

I know, I need to learn to keep my emotions in check for my own good health (or I'll be another number to an already high statistics of people suffering from high blood pressure and stress), which is hard when it is being constantly thrown upside-down by the pressures of life and humans.

A flight out to East Malaysia suddenly seems tempting enough. So does HK and Singapore. Oh, and maybe even New South Wales. However, inasmuch as I desperately want a break and some time out of here, Mama Carrie will not let me off just yet and I still have matters to attend to before I can leave in ease.

And until that happens, I shall be comforted by the rare trips out of town and the occasional outings with friends. Speaking of which, a friend is looking forward to a session of yam cha with me.


  1. I think a flight out to Sibu is just what you need!

    Come on over for CNY, it's something that you wouldn't find anyplace else in Malaysia (I can safely say that considering I've been stuck in the oddest places during CNY).

    It's really quite festive, and you can chillax from the frustrations. I'll be happy to show you around. :D

    1. Thank you for the offer and I wish I could, HB, but I doubt there will be any available seats on MAS or SIA now that CNY's around the corner.

      If it's something like Kuching, then I think I'll definitely love the place.

      How about during the Christmas season instead? I should be able to land myself in Sibu then. =D

    2. Christmas sounds good! Give me a buzz, I want to come back more often so that'll be a great time! :)

      There are some seats but horrendously expensive until Day 1 of CNY (which is why some people are coming back on Sunday and missing the reunion dinner).

      Let me know and take care! Don't worry about them - easier said than done, I know but they're just inconsiderate idiots.

  2. i guess our circumstances are different, but ya, i've been getting grey hairs lately over dealing with people whom i sometimes fantasize getting run down by a bus (yeah, that's terrible, eh). but here's wishing you calm and bliss and rest this CNY...

    1. I know how it feels, Sean. It stinks, especially when we can't actually air our grievances or at least make our feelings known to the insensitive people. I have that sometimes when I wish that they'll brought low on their knees and be fed a taste of their own medicine.

      Evil, I know. Oh well, I guess that's the downside of life and human beings.

      Thanks, and same to you too! Here's to some peaceful and refreshing break during CNY! *cheers*

  3. Life's like that - some people can be real thorns in the flesh and if they cannot be avoided, we will just have to learn to live with them...and ya, sometimes it's great just to get away from it all!

    1. Tell me all about it, suituapui. I've been stuck with these kind of people, and am desperately pinching myself to ignore them and wave them off as strangers.

      Methinks the soul-rejuvenating stay at Avillion or Golden Palm Tree might just do the trick. =D

  4. stay sane girl! for your own good!

    some days i just get away by checking myself into a hotel with a note to the loved ones to DND!

    1. I'm trying to, Eve...

      I'm just waiting for the day that I am able to disappear for one weekend without being harassed and annoyed by anyone. Until then, I think I'll have to resort to head-bashing songs for the time being as a way to soothe the frustrations. =(


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