Friday, March 21, 2014


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After what seemed like an emotionally draining day, my eyes crashed on me at 1 am and instantly led me into Dreamland. The fact is, as the sunshine slowly showed its color at the break of dawn, I drifted between reality and dream. Whatever Mama Carrie asked, I muttered my coherent reply ... and pleaded for peace.

The dream that I dreamt was divided in three parts.

The first one, I barely remembered except that it was coated in tears. It's probably because I actually bawled before bed.

The second part of the dream, it was about our long-awaited return to USJ One Avenue Condo. Remember how I mentioned before that it felt like a second home to me? Because of unknown reasons in the dream, we visited the condo once again in so many years. Nothing about the area has changed much. While Mama Carrie spoke to an unacquainted resident, I walked around on the grassy lawn after abandoning my assignments on the garden table. The last thing I needed after an exhausting day on campus was to face my work.

CPU Pie Day - 13/3/2014
Photographer: Ciana Carrie
The third part of the dream was in CPU. After finishing Law class, I rode the elevator up to the Student Lounge and chucked my bag on one of the vacant couches. I ran into Luke on my way out and asked if I could borrow something (what it is, I can't remember) from him just for the day, caught sight of Dex passing us by from my peripheral vision.

Our eyes barely met, though.

Seeing my English lecturer walking to the studio sparked my curiosity and I headed off in that direction, found my classmates (Ida and Chester) and our peers dancing their hearts out to the melody of whatever song that was being played.

The walkway was brighter than in actual reality. I could see the sun pouring its radiance, brightening and warming the place. Our bags were all mixed up and piled on top of each other when I returned to the lounge.

Surfacing in my thoughts in that point of time was me pieing Cookie and his widened eyes. Making me more confused was the recollection of me yelling at a child of about five for causing a commotion during a conference event - right in the middle of the speaker's speech.


  1. Interesting. I can never remember my dreams. Envy those who can dream of 4D numbers...and win!

    1. I know right, STP. There are some dreams that I can't remember when I'm awake in the morning nowadays. Ah, 4D numbers. Man, I'd love to dream of the winning combination and earn myself some well-deserved $$$. *winks* =D

  2. Replies
    1. Yup, Hayley, especially the part where I saw Ida and Chester dancing. =) In reality, I don't think Ida dances.


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