Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Oh, boy. Does this mean I am going to crash sooner or later?

No matter how exhausted or drained I am, I'm in no liberty to complain or rant about the current situation because this was the path that I chose during the enrollment. Plus, I've an exam at the end of this month that could shorten or lengthen my current semester and I haven't even started the revisions as my mind's more focused on completing the piling work, which is not good news. With all due respect, I just want to pass that exam to graduate before moving on to accomplish that goal of mine soonest possible.

Soonest possible is the key word because no one can predict the future.

Many Fridays ago, while I was having lunch with Jon and Husky, Jon noticed that my plate of spaghetti was barely touched and asked if I was being weighed down. The truth of the matter is I am being pressured left, right and centre by not only work but something else as well.

Unless you're a close friend whom I can rely on with trust, don't expect me to talk about this.

Come to think of it, I am being strangled by the weight of the subjects that I am taking this semester. Let's see; first semester, it was Canadian and World History, Canadian World Issues and Geography and Writer's Craft. All three needed creativity and critical thinking. Second semester, it's Canadian and International Law being balanced out with English and Media Arts, also requiring the abovementioned skills.

See what I meant?

With the exception of Writer's Craft, all are heavy and intense subjects.

World History and International Law are two tough cookies that not many students (whom I have spoken to, at least) would even think of taking. I can see their eyes widening in horrific shock when they learn that I'm studying both. I'll tell you why; each subject on its own is already draining. For Law, it's the research for debate (think: decriminalization of marijuana in Canada) and the relevance to the 21st century (think: how the 1215 Magna Carta gave life to habeas corpus). For History, it's the memorization of the significance of the past historical events that shaped our current world (think: First and Second World Wars, Cold War and Catholic Reformation).

Combine both together, however, and the physical exhaustion will increase. That's why I can feel for my 3 Law classmates who are balancing History with Law at the same time this semester. What they are going through, I have already experienced it and can fully understand where they are coming from, especially the annotated bibliographies (AB). It reminds me how penning the AB for each source (and the minimum required sources would be two encyclopedic and three journal articles, which totals to 5) would always leave me with a temporary headache.

So yeah, you'd think that after being immersed in a pool of assignments that's been twisting my sleeping pattern for the entire month, the intensity will slightly improve and allow me some space to catch my breath, but you're so wrong. Not only am I extremely sleep-deprived, I am being overloaded with assignments from left and right and stressed out over the English ISU. Although nothing's been said for the Law and Media Arts projects, I have a rough gist on what to expect: the CCA (with an actual trial that includes defense lawyers, prosecutors and witnesses) and the International Law Fair.

Meh, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm half a size smaller when the graduation ceremony rolls around. You wouldn't want to know what kind of a schedule I'm having, trying to equally balance academia with extra-curricular matters.

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