Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Random Crap

It's 12:17 am now.

I know I should be asleep at this hour since I have an adventurous morning ahead of me, but the thing is, even though my eyes feel like bricks weighing down on me, my mind is still as active as an Energizer bunny. All I want to do is to be serenaded by the soothing songs on my playlist and hope that I will enter Dreamland without being aware of it.

Which is what I am doing now.

After completing about 85% of my English assignment (the remaining 15% needs the working printer that I don't have access to), I was so drained out that I decided to spam my good friend's inbox with random questions about Spanish and Mandarin as well as catching my Media Arts classmate in the nick of time (he was heading off to bed) and pulling his leg with a pickup line I found on Twitter.

It's somewhat like an inside joke between us - especially when he surprised me with the pun after I entered the Mac Lab for our Period 6 class.

I'm still thankful for the week's worth of break that's been given to us because it allows me to pause and catch my breath in preparation for a highly stressed and intense schedule ahead of us. It doesn't help that I have a Unit 2 Law test on Tuesday followed by that major literacy exam a day later, sigh.


I think I'm calling it a night before a couple of possibilities occur. It's either I crash on the keyboard or text Shaney with random, nonsensical messages.

Oh, right. That reminds me that I have to pen a post about the recently-concluded Pie Day - soon.


  1. Replies
    1. Yup, STP, I'm doing Law. The English assignment is actually a big project assigned to the class about the comparison of a novel (my choice was Homer's Odyssey) and a film. =)


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