Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Dearly Loved (And Sorely Missed) Friend

Credits to Monica Devine for the image

They say,
The serenity kills.
To me,
It envelopes me with warmth.
It is what you've given me since day one.
It fills me with the encouragement of life,
To continue pressing through the hardships.

As a possessed zombie,
Standing at the edge of the cliff,
And watching the waves slam into the rocks,
My face is burning hot.
The tears are flowing down my cheeks
Like a burst pipe.
I am wallowing in the memories of the past.
Thinking about how we mingled like busy bees
And the sugar-coated memories we shared,
It is slowly splitting my heart into half.

If I can say this to you,
Thank you for having loved me.
For accepting my strengths and weaknesses.
For being there during those dark, depressive hours.
I know dancing in my eyes is the soul of a weakened girl.
It depicts a girl who wants out of reality.

You may be thousands of miles away
And we no longer regularly talk.
Accompanying me spiritually is your presence.
And your words,
They are refreshed with a coat of honey.
I pray that in whatever you do,
You'll find success and happiness.
Nothing lifts my frown than to see you,
Well, being you.
Always remember,
I'm at the end of the blue corner,
Offering a comforting hug.
I'll be there when you need a comforting advice.


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