Monday, November 24, 2014


After listening to the lectures on History and making important notes on her iPad to prepare for the upcoming unit test for the entire hour, she was freezing to the bone and it didn't help that the caffeine she drank before class metabolized and weaned off, making her more drowsy than bore. Little did she know that her best friends felt the same way after their respective classes.
    She breathed a sigh of relief when she entered the relaxation area or she dubbed it; the radiant sunshine poured into the space through the ceiling-to-floor glass windows, bringing more life to it. It was lack of the human warmth even with the pile of bags scattered on the veneered rectangle table and on the carpeted floor. She was glad that it was vacant as she didn't have the energy to deal with people, especially not when she needed sleep. She threw her bag next to her sister's and collapsed on the empty couch, immediately falling asleep.
    She felt someone tapping her on the shoulder, wanting to bask in her rest longer but knowing that she needed to vacate the space for another exhausted soul. She uncurled herself and slowly pushed herself up, rubbing her eyes as she forced them open. Meeting her at the eye level was the sleepy-looking bro with a twinkle in his eyes. She found her bestie soundly resting next to her on the couch, all curled up like a fetus."
    "What's up?" Patricia said in her sleep-infused words. "Did you break my laptop or steal a swig of my Thermos flask or did something against the law that you need my help with?"
    Her unintended jibes did nothing to melt the bro's twinkle. "No, nothing of that sort. Can you rise up? I want to sleep as well."
    "No way. No way."
    "In that case" - the bro gently woke Patricia's bestie up and begged her to make more space, forcing the bestie into a fetus position and Patricia to the other end of the couch - "it's going to be really uncomfortable."
    "This is going to be really awkward, damn you!"
    The two-seater couch was not large enough to accommodate three sleeping lanky giraffe and instead of providing them with the desired respite, they were in more misery than they bargained for: Patricia's neck dangled off the hand-rest and her legs were cautiously placed so as to avoid whacking the bro's face or his bottom, the bestie was suffering from an aching neck as a result of being compelled into an awkward sleeping position, and the bro was as stiff as a wood, folded his arms as he attempted to make himself comfortable and mentally aware that one wrong move would injure Patricia or the bestie.


  1. I enjoyed your sleeping descriptions. I feel the giraffe sometimes even in a regular bed.

    1. Thank you, Monica. =) It was something that occurred sometime during my first semester and what happened was similar to the end result of today's story, lol.

  2. Hello! Thanks for dropping by! WOW! Now then you update your Perth posts. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. No problem, Irene. =) I'm heading back to Australia during the summer. ^^


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