Friday, November 7, 2014

The Disappointed Hopes

From a reader response's lens, the interpretation of the succeeding poem will vary from reader to reader.

The Disappointed Hopes
by Ciana Carrie

Curled in my shell,
The silent sobs are my company in the eerie silence.
I am detached from any human contact.
The bone-chilling cold is my only confidant.

Eighteen months ago,
Their words surrounded me with a heavy force,
Suppressing and weighing me down.
Being poisoned by their evil-driven jealousy,
They are satisfying themselves with my misery,
Avoiding the facts of their unhappy lives.

Eighteen months later,
I rose free from the fetters,
No longer wanting to be their joke.
I broke through the pile of their vicious words,
Finally comprehending their true colors.
Masked beneath their kindness was a vendetta,
One that was so soundless that I missed its approach.
Gone were the friendships and kindness.
A trail of regrets left in its wake.
Forgiveness knocked on my door.
Pleading for mercy, it was them.
Stoicism filled my heart, not sympathy.
All traces of ego and hatred of me vanished.
Remorse, instead, was swimming in their glassy eyes.
I'm sorry, I said, it's too late.

Leaving the gaping hole of a hurting heart for them,
I turned my back on them,
Removing them from my life like rotten apples.
Let the wrath set alight the cowering fury of a Scorpio.


  1. there is a lot of anger and disillusionment in this. do take care, ya.

    1. I'll try to take care, Sean, but yeah, I was trying to rid my mind of the angst that's slowly and silently creeping in. =(

  2. I know it takes sometimes to get rid off the negative energy... I believe sometimes it's ok to be not OK. Eventually you will get back to the right track. Take care.

    1. I will, Yee Ling, and do take care as well. I guess I'll have to envelop myself with more of the positive feelings, like having a girls' day out with my besties or traveling to my favorite haunts and sink my face into the delectable dishes, and forget about the negative energy - even if it's momentarily.

      It's just that it hurts having to face this again, you know?


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