Monday, November 10, 2014

Craving for the unexpected

I dreamt that it was a Monday morning and we were all waiting outside the Level 1 office, stressed out in our sleep-deprived mode. Unlike the other classrooms, which were unlocked, our History classroom was held in the Collaborative Studio 1, which was behind the Head of Department offices. Jon was leaning against the wall, fighting hard to stifle a yawn. I was approaching him with half-opened eyes, hugging a laptop with one hand and holding a venti-sized cappuccino from Starbucks in another.

It was still empty when we entered, but we took the opportunity to steal forty winks. Kyle chose to sit opposite me and shoved a paper towards me. It looked like a petition for something.

My thoughts: I can't believe I am beginning to miss the memories we had in Period 1 History under Mr. Gordon. Even though the entire semester left me walking in stress, managing 3+3 subjects at one go, if I actually peel back the pile of stressful layer away, it inadvertently provided me with the knowledge that served as a basis for Law.

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