Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Hoppers in Sunway Pyramid

A majority of us will think that it is the season for buying the perfect presents that the beneficiary will love the moment s/he tears the wrapper open, making all of the endured stressful worthwhile. If you're however looking at it from the religious side, it is a season of expecting, waiting, hoping and praying to welcome that one special guest into our house.

In need for some fresh air, we dragged our paws to Sunway Pyramid and walked around certain parts of the shopping mall, keeping our eyes glued for some festive clearance that were within budget. There's not much of a change to the mall since my last visit, which was ages ago.

Oops, caught in the act! ='D


  1. Replies
    1. Nope, suituapui.... not even once have I went for their ice-skating. =/

  2. heheh, the mall looks quite cheerful this christmas, based on your pics ... i must admit i haven't been to sunway pyramid for a very, very long time though. it's one of my least favourite malls to visit - parking feels tricky to me, and it's always a loooooong walk to whichever store i wanna visit, heh (i liked it better when there weren't all the extended wings) :)

    1. Well, the decoration is definitely more cheerful this year, Sean. =) It can't be helped when the photographer's someone who's a meticulous perfectionist, lol. That makes the both of us equal; I haven't been to Sunway in years not only because of the size but also because of the shopping varieties. =/

      Umm, I find that walking in 1U is longer and more tiring. Ah, you must mean the year circa 2000 when Sunway Pyramid was still a little lion, yes?


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