Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Christmas Eve Journey

As Mama Carrie needed to drive down to Ampang Point for her costume jewelry, we figured that we'd be able to kill three birds with one stone if we combined with our other plans.

Spelt ciabatta with café latte

We drove down to the usual haunt in Jalan Ampang to avoid the lunch hour crowd in the little but popular restaurant in Ampang New Village and sampled the spelt ciabatta with the cafe latte.

PETRONAS Twin Towers

For our late lunch, it was yong tau foo in Ampang New Village. I'll write a short review on it in a while; have too many reviews that need to be published currently.

Fried wanton

After finding ourselves sandwiched and stuck in traffic congestion, it was a rush preparing the Christmas Eve dinner as we decided at the eleventh hour to attend the Vigil Mass instead to accommodate this morning's hill walk. Yes, no break even on a holiday!

It's quiche using leftover ingredients of spinach, mushroom and eggs.


  1. Ampang Point, very near my house, about 8 minutes drive :D

    1. That's really near, CL! O.o Man, if I knew you lived near Ampang Point, I'd have PM you on Facebook for the directions to the Ampang Yong Tao Foo. =)

  2. traffic congestion on x'mas eve ... traffic levels in kl have reached pretty dastardly levels hor. even with many people out of the city on their year-end leave/holiday, there's still no respite for us who remain here, heh :)

    1. Ya lor; some more at a jaw-dropping rate, Sean!!!!! I think some of the out-of-town residents drove up/down to the city for the Christmas season, that's why. KL on Christmas Eve was like as normal; traffic congestion from Jln Ampang all the way to the Renaissance traffic intersection. =/

      I guess I'm staying home or at least in my district on NYE/NYD to avoid smothering myself in the congestion again. =)

    2. good idea regarding NYE ... i'm not gonna venture into the city on dec 31 either ... though i suspect even other areas like bandar sunway and bandar utama might be congested. let's ring in the new year in a peaceful and quiet way at home, and save our energies for 2015's challenges, heh :)

    3. Well, IPC will be sardine-packed with people, that I'm sure of and kinda dreading. Yup, I concur! Let's just celebrate at home with our own way and avoid the stress of sitting in traffic. *winks*

  3. That's a great Christmas dish! Quiche! I love awesome it looks too! :)

    I was thinking of having one this year but the kids wanted the traditional turkey. Maybe next year I shall go capon or duck and have quiche as a side dish too.


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