Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chilla Cup, IPC Shopping Centre (Second Visit)

"There's nothing I want more than to be in my favorite haunt, watching the traffic increase and decrease like an electrocardiogram in the serenity."

Read here for my first visit earlier.

It was an impromptu trip to Chilla Cup after running the weekly errands at Cold Storage and Justlife on a cool yet mundane Saturday hence the mini review. The slow lull of the day's melody greeted me with a familiar embrace as I entered the coffeehouse, my order at the tip of my fingers and waiting for the employee to process the payment.

This is one of the favorite haunts to hang out in because not only is the atmosphere welcoming, it has the power to allow me to gather my thoughts and reflect - even with the buzzing crowd around me. The furniture were well-placed so as to prevent any mishaps happening. The ceiling-to-floor glass windows eliminated the use of extra lights during the day. The baristas are friendly and if you're unsure of what to order for your meals or drinks, they will recommend the house specialty and best-selling ones.

The menu has been upgraded - with the use of Photoshop, methinks.

A partial view of the indoor seating space

The overall aura of the coffeehouse doesn't leave you constricted for space at all. No matter where you sit in the indoor seating area, you still have a view of the baristas making rounds after rounds of different coffees but the main kitchen is hidden from view. There are couches placed around the windows fronting the main road and the walkway outside of the café for those long chats and tired legs.

Hot Cappuccino (RM 11.00)

The sweet-smelling aroma of the coffee drew me into a world where there's nothing but pure happiness as the waiter delivered the fresh coffee to our table. After nodding my thanks, I sank my face into the cup; the deliciously tantalizing taste of the roasted coffee smoothly glided down my throat, coating my taste buds with each sip. For me, I don't pay much attention to the stencil because I believe that the flavors are more important and it is capable of making or breaking the caffeine experience. The accompanying cookie was a sweet contrast; it carried with it just the right amount of sugar. The first bite prepares you for the introduction of the sugar explosion with each succeeding bite.

Original Pretzels (RM 4.90)

The hot, made-to-order pretzel was a lovely addition to the strong cappuccino we had. The fragrance is enough to tempt one to delve into the dish and suffusing the air, containing just the right amount of salt that spanned from the pinch of sea salt sprinkled on the top of the dough. There are 5 varieties to this and if you're the one who loves the pretzels with an added punch, you can choose from 6 types of fillings.

I haven't sampled their breakfast dishes or desserts (except the scones that are now longer available) yet, though.

Name: Chilla Cup Cafe

Address: G23, Ground Floor, IPC Shopping Centre,
No.2, Jalan PJU 7/2 Mutiara Damansara 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel : +603-7732 0175


Opening Hours: Mon - Sun 10am to 10p


  1. love your description of the pretzel ... i feel like having something to really sink my teeth into today, and that pretzel could do the job :)

    1. Thank you, thank you, Sean. =) I hope the pretzels from Chilla Cup will leave you satisfied. =)


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