Thursday, August 18, 2011

Camera clicks and flashes

True enough; my thoughts were right. My face had already turned sour by the time I knelt down to say the Thanksgiving before Mass.

The Carries said that Confirmation will never be held on the Easter Vigil or Day Mass because there are just too many people and children embracing the Catholic faith on that day. Okay. That, I can understand, but wearing a veil with a white dress? I'm sorry to say that the wearers all resembled wedding brides.

If that wasn't enough, my eyes rolled in horror when out of the corner of my eyes, a lady of about twenty-five turned up in a tight-fitting yellow short dress and killer heels that, in my honest opinion, was suited more for a party goer, not a Church parishioners. Miss, really?

With the middle rows being taken up by them, we had to seat far, far behind. Although I could barely hear what the Celebrant was saying after the Communion prayer, I had grasp enough words to know what was going on. The contents of the speech left me scowling in silence.

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