Thursday, August 4, 2011

Welcome home!

Image is credited to New Zealand Pictures.

As Mama Carrie drove along the road and passed by many, many familiar buildings - like Mercy and Auckland City Hospitals, we were struck by nostalgia.

Not sure of my next trip here, I dug my cell phone out and started taking pictures.

After we had arrived at the grocery store, we searched the aisles for our favorite brands to buy and bring home (yes, we're just visitors), but I could only find Waitrose Biscuits.

Once we were done with the shopping, Mama Carrie stopped by a beach-fronting hotel to visit a friend, who was staying there. He had also flew in for a brief holiday.

While the two adults were having a conversation, I tried to make my balcony to take the beautiful pictures of the beach, but found my legs giving way.

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