Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A dream that left me with a raised eyebrow

Because it was my turn to be the shopkeeper, I leaned against my chair and watched the traffic outside our shop. Parked directly in front of our shop were two cars. One was Toyota Alphard, which belonged to my older cousin, Roland, and the other was a mere Toyota Vios, which belonged to me.

"Roy!" I yelled when I noticed that the Alphard was missing from its parking spot. "Roland's car is missing!"

I could see that Roy's color faded into a shade of grayish white, signalling a sense of worry.

"Oh my God! I have to tell him!" he said before rushing off.

As Roy disappeared upstairs, I noticed that Roland's Alphard had made its return and was at the opposite store.

I went with another cousin of ours, Lily, to have a chat with the shop manager and showed proof that the car belonged to our family. The shop manager looked at the proof and agreed to return the car to Roland once he confirmed that it was really his.

"Roland!" I called as I made my way upstairs. "I found your car."

There was a sense of relief in Roland's eyes as he asked. "Where is it?"

"It's at the opposite shop. The opposite lady wants to confirm that the car is really yours before she agrees to return it to you."


In reality, with the exception of Lily (she's my aunt), Roland and Roy are both my paternal cousins.

In another scene, I was waiting for my folks in Starbucks that was near my dentist. I wasn't feeling very well because the dentist had extracted two infected wisdom teeth and the fact that my parents were late made me boil even hotter.

"You're late!" I barked when they eventually arrived.

"Sorry, Ci." My Mom had apologized. "Traffic congestion."

Mama Carrie has never called me by that. In fact, that's a nickname given by Sam and Leigh. My molar tooth was extracted instead in reality. There is however a Starbucks within walking distance from the dentist.

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