Sunday, August 14, 2011

(Un)lucky day

"Excuse me, how do I get to this place?"

We were browsing the shops in the shopping mall when I noticed Mama Carrie. The friend that I was with excused herself.

In another scene, I opened my eyes and felt that my head was spinning in circles. I leaned against the wall and noticed that someone next to me, unconscious. It was the friend (who happened to be a colleague of mine) that was with me earlier in the day. I wouldn't be surprised if we were drugged with chloroform.

The next thing I knew, I was seated in the middle of the living hall - below the ceiling fan - with the mastermind in front of me. To my right was his accomplice seated on the floor, watching my body language.

I stared at the floor as the man spoke, demanding that I transfer the house ownership to him and he would pay me a sum of amount as restitution. As much as he had tried to convince me, I knew that the last part was a bluff.

"If you so want me to sign over the ownership of the house, then let me call my banker. No matter what, I want to make sure that I'm not giving it to you at a price that is below the market value."

I had never intended to sell my properties and was not going to let him get his way without giving him some hard time. The house was located in an affluent neighborhood that fronted the beach. Although I had already known the market value, I needed an excuse to call someone for help.

It worked and the mastermind untied my hands, allowing me to use my cell phone. Seeing my opportunity, I made sure that I stalled the time while I texted my boss for help and gave him our current location.

I knew that I probably busted our only chance at survival when the mastermind snatched my cell and switched it off before dragging me back to the living hall. He laid a pen in front of me and forced me to sign over the transfer of ownership. Stalling for time, I refused and resisted with all my strength.

Agitated at my unwillingness to cooperate, the mastermind got fed up and laid a hand on me. The impact was so powerful that I lost consciousness. By the time I had regained consciousness, our back-up team had barged in and arrested the man and his accomplice before rescuing us.

I recollected my thoughts as the EMT examined me for injuries. When the paramedic gave me the green light, the friend walked towards me and we exchanged a hug, relieved that both of us were alive and unscathed.

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