Monday, August 8, 2011

It brings a smile to my face

For those moments when I have been down,
You were there to console me
To cheer me up

For those moments when I needed a listening ear,
You were there to lend me a ear
You listened attentively to every word that I said

You can sense the change in atmosphere
You can read my mind
All without me actually saying it in words

You worry when I'm stressed
When I'm having too much work on my hands
You'd ask me to take it easy and relax
Smell the fresh, spring flowers in my garden

Whenever we find the chance to talk,
Hours and hours seem to pass us by
We racked up a lot of hours
During the final few online conversations

I miss the time
That we spent together
Browsing the shops,
Over scoops of ice-cream and laughter

I know it resembles a song lyric, but, on a night like this, I'm more in the mood for a poetry.


  1. Wow!!
    Nice poetry!!

  2. I wonder where you got the inspiration for this piece. The ice cream part sounds fun and delicious. Another hypnotic read :)

  3. Well, Bya, this poetry was inspired by two people whom I regard as good friends. Would that be obvious enough? =D

    As for the ice-cream part, I'd tell you more about it in private. ^_^


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