Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Last Call

We had planned a double date - my best friend and her boyfriend; me and my guy - at the nearby shopping mall. A trip to the movies followed by a meal, but my guy couldn't make it at the last minute. Said that he had an urgent office matter to attend to.

I had no idea that it would be the last time we'd see each other.

With a heavy heart, I went ahead with the plan and met up with them at Coffee Bean. It was pretty late when the movie ended. Shops were closing for the night and parts of the mall were dark. Being the chivalrous man that he is - or so I had thought, my bestie's boyfriend - Cal, short for Calvin - offered to walk me to my car.

I unwillingly agreed as it was late and since my bestie would be walking with us, it should be alright.

I panicked when I couldn't reach my guy the next afternoon. It was never of him to avoid my calls or even to switch off his cell during the day. Just as I was about to rush to his place, Cal's cousin sister, whom I was well-acquainted with, popped by my place and figured that she should break something to me.

My mind went into an overdrive after she said what she had said. I couldn't believe it and as much as I had tried to deny it, I just couldn't. The signs were all there. And for a shy guy like Cal to be gazing at me dead in the eye, it spelt trouble.

Since I had the keys to my guy's place, I unlocked the door and repeatedly called his name. My heart collapsed when I saw him in his bedroom, hanging from the ceiling fan. I dropped the keys as my hand flew to my mouth in horror.

I vibrated in shock as I dialed the police. I couldn't believe what I just saw and I couldn't believe my eyes that hanging from the ceiling fan was my guy. It was after the call that I allowed myself to burst out of the unit and scream and cry at my loudest in my car, wondering why he had chose to end his life. But it wasn't right; he had been a happy person all along. I know him. There is just no way in the world that he'll ever end his life unless...

It was a couple of days later that I overheard my brother speaking to one of his closest mates. There was no evidence of it, but we knew that something must've transpired between Cal and my guy. I froze in my tracks when I heard my brother mentioning that he wanted Cal to be kicked out of the company group (the two were colleagues) in a legit way and steal his girl - all in revenge for my guy's death, causing me tremendous sadness and hurt.

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