Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Misconception, no?

"Maybe the time is not never right."

I wish it were that simple and I can deal with it, but there are times when I need to speak to someone and just don't know how or what to say.

Wouldn't it be easier on my part if I just withdraw from the world and be who I'm supposed to be?

I'm really not sure who I've evolved into. I was once this sociable lass who could blend into the crowd with ease, but that is no longer who I am now. I'm now just someone who prefers to remain behind the curtains and watch everything from the side.

No longer a lead character, but just a supporting character in someone's story.

In a twist of fate, I happened to chance upon some emails that transpired between me and my friend hidden in my Sent Mail folder. I thought I had already deleted them, but looks like I forgot to clear that folder as well. I'm not revealing the contents - it shall remain private between us - but let's just say that I missed the hidden hints that were buried in one particular email.

I'm not saying that I'm beating myself over it, but it'd have at least helped with my reaction.


  1. Replies
    1. Yup, but Gangster Girl has since moved on with another family. Big Fat, on the other hand, has since had his hair chopped to a short, more manageable version.

      Both dogs were actually growling at each other when Mama Carrie took this picture...


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