Wednesday, October 12, 2011


We were scattered everywhere, having a game or two of our own. It turns out part of the game was to enter that house under construction and jump over the many cement bags that had been piled up by the construction workers. It took me so long that I could see the fellows behind me frowning. Should've been the last person in the queue, then.

It resembles my current neighborhood. >.<

It was later that day that the friends - three of them - popped by my place when I was in the middle of my house chores. I could only leave the vacuum cleaner in my room, hidden from view.

One of them - who is good at impersonating one Hong Kong singer - had peppered me with questions that I grabbed him by his shoulders from the back and whispered to his ears that 'it's alright, the person's gone.'

I had used Mandarin because it was a language that only the two of us understood. He looked at me and muttered an 'oh, okay'.

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