Monday, October 17, 2011


He walked to an open area and found a framed photograph of his childhood crush and her boyfriend and their parents. He lifted it to have a closer look and a folded piece of paper dropped out. It was written in his name and it contained her name - Juliana (something) - and her contact number. He nevertheless saved the number in his cell.

She was in a private conversation with him when her boyfriend stormed into the room. She shove the friend into the bathroom door and tried to clear any traces of his presence.

He slithered out of the room and walked down the hallway to catch the elevator. He would rather be out of the room than continue to hide in the bathroom and risk being caught by her man. He pressed the 7th floor and took another lift from there and entered the shopping area on the ground floor.

She was in the cafe, having a cup of coffee while she wrote a letter to the friend.

"I'll be heading to London for a short academic course, but we can meet up in a couple of days for a farewell if you wish. Never mind about him, I now don't care what he thinks. You know where to find me."

She caught sight of him walking past and caught him by the arm before she passed it to him and left. It was after he skimmed through the letter that he turned tail and ran after her.

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