Thursday, October 27, 2011


Me, my parents and two male acquaintances of ours stood outside of our house, discussing something when Snowie the Dog slipped out through the gap that the automated gates had.

"Snowie, come back here!"

I rushed out after her and kept asking her to stop in her tracks and return home, but she'd not listen. I had no choice but to crept behind her and scooped her up in time to avoid the neighbor's dogs who loved to scare the life out of the smaller dogs but was scared of my father's Husky. LOL!

My return signaled the end of their conversation and as my parents reprimanded Snowie for her actions, I went up to one of the rooms to check in on my friend as he was young enough to be my brother. (Hmm, this sounds duper familiar.)

The cast and crew of a TV series came over to our place to film a scene for a particular episode and one of the cast members was so stunned at me dressed in pajamas and having a disheveled hair that he pulled my mother aside during their breaks and asked, "How come she's not in college today?"

"She's taken the day off to be an assistance," was the reply he got.

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