Monday, October 31, 2011

Holiday Season

I'll try to write this post without losing my mind as the house behind me is undergoing extensive renovation. Hence all the drilling and knocking.

Ah, hello Halloween, it's nice to hear from you again. No, I won't be dressing up in a costume and going door-to-door - surprising my neighbors with a "trick or treat!" - as I'm not that young as you'd think.

Acquaintances have mentioned that I look older than my age, which is somewhat true. With the right hairstyle and make-up, I can pass off as a housewife with three kids.

Credits to The Addictive Blog | Halloween History for the image

Now, I don't think I've heard of Halloween until my first spring in New Zealand. I had thought about seeking candy treats from other neighbors with a couple of neighborhood kids, but I didn't want to dress myself in a costume.

Maybe sometime later, when my presence is required in a future Halloween party.

"Halloween is also thought to have been heavily influenced by the Christian holy days of All Saints' Day (also known as Hallowmas, All Hallows, Hallowtide) and All Souls' Day" - Wikipedia article on Halloween.

And after that is the obligated All Saints' Day. I must remember to arrive as early as possible at Church to secure a covered parking spot (just in case it's a rainy day - like last year, I think) and a comfortable seat. I can already foresee the Church being packed to the brim with parishioners returning to honor and commemorate the saints in heaven. Who fancies being squashed together to the point of uncomfortableness on the pew if they've a choice?

Now, in all my years as a Catholic, I'm still not sure whether All Souls' Day is a Day of Obligation. From what I heard, parishioners who attend this Mass are those who've lost family members over the years, but there's definitely got to be more than that.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking: shame on me for my limited knowledge on the religion.

Ocean View

If it weren't for Big Fat, if it weren't for our burning weather, I'd not mind a two night stay in Golden Palm Tree Resort in end November or early December.
  • I want to sit by the bar at night and sipping the orange juice in hand while I listen to the live jazz band.
  • I want to capture more beautiful pictures of the resort and the beach next door.
As much as I wish for it, I doubt it's possible. Unless I've the money, I can hope of spending a week there without burning a hole in my wallet. Ever.

The rates are just too expensive!

I've not lost my mind yet, but the renovation's getting on my nerves. I wonder if the new owner's rushing for Chinese New Year 2012.


  1. We had an awesome Halloween night although it is a school night.You are never too old to dress should see some of the gang that turned up at my door.A couple of girls about 14-16 years old dressed as supergirl...very tight costumes and way too small for them which left nothing to the imagination..hahaha, and they are much bigger and taller than me!!!We Asian can always pass off as much younger than our real they you are...!Anyways, hope the renovation is over!

  2. Hi Shereen, it's nice to see you here! =) That's great to know. Not many folks here celebrate Halloween, though. Very tight costumes? Oh, my. Yup, that's true, but it depends at time. I was once mistaken for an adult. =.="

    The renovation isn't over yet, but the construction workers have been kind enough to give us a peaceful morning. =)


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