Monday, April 8, 2013

Chilla Cup, IPC Shopping Centre

Mr. Barista, here you go. The review that I promised to write and publish.

Two hours into the lovely exploration, we walked past the month-old café and were instantly drawn to their trademarked slogan: a brew with a bite! Oh, it has now finally opened, I thought, hello there. All these while, I had been keeping an eye out for the café on my irregular trips here after reading all about it from missyblurkit.

Mama Carrie was rather interested at sampling their coffee, though and since there was a promotion, she jumped at the opportunity and left me at the table as an observer while she mulled over the menu and placed the order with the cashier.

She eventually settled for a plate of two scones and a cup of cappuccino and latte.

The scones (5.90) were lovely; although the texture was different to what we were used to at Nippon Paint’s bungalow in Cameron Highlands and softer, there was less butter in it and there were no hints of cream, either. While Mama Carrie suspected that lots of baking soda had been added to soften the scones, I reckoned that it was the work of constant pulling and kneading of the dough.

The one with raisins, however, leaned a tad bit towards the sugary side. Just a tablespoon less of sugar, and it’d have been perfect – like the plain one.

The strong taste of the cappuccino (9.50) had such a kick to it that I could imagine myself sitting on cloud nine listening to my favorite songs. There wasn’t too much foam either; in fact, it served well in complimenting the overall texture of the coffee.

This was Mama Carrie’s favorite.

The bitter taste of the latte (9.50), however, blended well with the sweet biscuit that was served together. The coffee beans that they had used, I felt, was of better quality, and it showed in the taste. I know I was supposed to drink through the steamed-milk foam but what I did was stir the foam and the coffee together and sipped while it was piping hot.

For the oddest reason, the usual cappuccino lover in me preferred this one.

While we were taking photos for today’s food review on our cell phones, some lady from the opposite table kept staring at us with an annoyed face and I returned her expression with furrowed brows. Hello, I’m reviewing the place, all right and don’t let me catch you doing the same thing, too.

Citibank Promotion: Buy 1 cup of coffee, free 1 cup of coffee every Thursday. Valid until 31st May 2013. Terms and Conditions apply.

Address: Chilla Cup,
G23, Ground Floor,
IPC Shopping Centre,
No 2, Jln PJU 7/2,
Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya,

Tel: 03-7732 5768


Landmarks: Starbucks & Nando's


  1. Sounds like a good deal. I like that slogan too.

    1. If Mama Carrie allows, I'm going back there one of these days to make full use of the promotion, Yum List. One can't help but order something to compliment the coffee, too. =D

  2. ...there was less butter in it and there were no hints of cream..." No, thank you. I'd be quite happy to do without.

    1. Scones are meant to be fragrant and have the strong taste of butter, am I right, suituapui?

      I've had my fair share of scones too. This, I won't say is the best. =D

  3. Tried this place before.. Hmm.. still I guess they have a lot of space for improvement.

    1. I hope that with time, they'll make a great improvement, Eunice. I don't know, I guess I'd like to see an iced cappuccino?

      I can't wait to try their cheesecake and brownie. xD

  4. Glad you and Mama Carrie enjoyed your food:D

    1. You know, missyblurkit, the table behind us ordered exactly what you had during your trip to Chilla Cup's SetiaWalk branch.

      Thank you for writing about Chilla Cup. Otherwise, I'd not known how delicious their coffee would be. =)


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