Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday's Movie Fiesta

It wasn't a perfect morning, with Mr. Sun having a late start at work and leaving all the joggers and walkers high on alert and caution for the sudden gush of shower. Yours truly was no exception.

Fast forward an hour later.

Mr. Sun finally arrived, and greeted everyone with its awfully-bright radiance.

As always, a trip to the grocery store can be considered a Saturday necessity. There, we pick up a handful of fresh produce for the week's meals if we can't find other varieties elsewhere.

Today, however, Justlife has organized a Farmer's Market, in which the customer has a rare chance to ask the many different farmers burning questions about the way the produce is grown and ways and means of cooking it among others.

On the way to Cold Storage, there was a movie fiesta being hosted by the cinemas.

Guess who said hello?

Sulley, from the 2001 Disney Movie, Monsters, Inc.!

And his loyal sidekick and best friend, Mike!

Not only them; look who I found emerging from its hiding place.

Oh my gosh, it's the Smurfs!

Mama Carrie shook her head, wondered if I was still a 10-year-old at heart. She thought that only children and young teenagers love Smurfs.


  1. I love grocery shopping! :)

    I'm heading out too. Have been busy lately but had a great start to reading your Tuesday story. I saw your Twitter feed about the keys too.

    Have a great Sunday! :D

    1. Me too!

      Like people used to say, being busy is good. Oh, about the keys, yeah, we had to fly straight there as the consequence of losing the keys was heavier that I could handle.

      You too, Huai Bin. Hope you had fun! =D


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