Monday, April 29, 2013

Busy Busy

Even though I'm rather sleepy and craving for the cold, comfortable bed in this rainy, soothing weather, I certainly will continue with the post (and hopefully, I won't crash on the keyboard).

Shooting straight to SJMC - the hospital's name has been changed to Sime Darby Medical Centre when it was bought over by the new owner, hence the abbreviated SDMC, but at least 75% of the former and current Subangites are still comfortable with the previous name - on a weekend morning hadn't been the best idea - especially with what happened during the week of Good Friday/Holy Saturday, but when it comes to my granduncle, anything is possible.

It left us so exhausted that we both crashed early in the night - and I fell off the bed in the wee hours of the morning, with the wooden frame coming into contact with my ankle. I'm not surprised as I had actually fallen off once as a child of about seven. No injuries were sustained, thankfully.

It later dawned on me that no matter how early I retire, my day would always start at a fixed hour. So, I guess the answer is obvious: I love to sleep and the longer, the better for me.

As you would've already known, Sundays are reserved for baking experiments that exits the oven fully-baked and tanned; it happens half of the time, though. I'm not skilled and confident enough to proudly announce that every cake and muffin that I bake will be perfect.

The current batch that I baked did leave me cheesed off a little; although the texture of the muffins turned out the way I had wanted, the large cake had been left baking in the oven for such a long time that it was browned and came crumbling out.

Sigh... please remind me to chop the raisins and walnuts the next time; maybe that'll help.

(As it is, the polling day for the 13th GE is just around the corner. Wow, that's fast!)


  1. Less than a week to the elections! I'm not optimistic about the results though. I keep hearing from people about how they're receiving cash, rice and other goodies in exchange for their support, and I think some people are swayed =(

    1. It's difficult to be sure about the final results, Sean, with the way things are looking now.

      Yeah, what to expect? It's getting pretty common now that the D-day is coming. Some people know what's up, whereas some don't, unfortunately. =(

  2. Sundays are reserved for me to wake up early for me to complete my 20km run, entertain the furkid, bake for her, clean the house and catch up with my sleep. Reckon this coming will almost be the same except with the very interesting GE13.

    1. Same too, missyblurkit.

      I have to sacrifice my morning walk too.... =(

  3. Wish I could bake. After all the horror stories my wife told me, this and that...all must follow to the letter, everything exactly...I just gave up on the idea of giving it a try. No, thank you.

    1. Not to worry, suituapui. =)

      Your wife's correct; screw with one ingredient, and the whole batter doesn't turn out right.

      Personally, I find that cooking would be better than baking. Less time spent on mixing and kneading.

  4. Chop the raisins!

    (and walnuts)

    Yup, GE13 this weekend, we'll be flying back to vote. I'm starting to cook more weekends too.

    BTW, I'm with Sean, I'm hearing a lot of stuff about paid flights etc, someone even told me to go to the (beep) and it'll be given in cash!

    I didn't of course.

    But apparently a lot of people did. That's not counting actual vote buying, which is rampant in my home state. :x

    1. Well, Huai Bin, some people have been saying that cooking at home is cheaper, but it depends on individuals. =D

      I just saw the article about the paid flights on Facebook. Can't believe it.

      Let's just hope that voters will know what to do. =)

  5. That hospital, where they saw they image of the Blessed Mary. They've moved the glass elsewhere already, I think.

    1. Yup, suituapui. It's been moved to Our Lady of Lourdes in Klang.

      Exact place, I'm not sure.


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