Monday, December 16, 2013



This is so weird.

Credits to Free Music Archive: All Tomorrow's Parties for the image

I dreamt that there was a farewell party in Student Success (for who, I don't know) and not only were all of the students present, some outsiders were around too - including someone whom I've chosen to limit my words with after that episode. He was seated nearest to the door and called my name, but I pretended not to hear and went on with my business.


I was alone in one corner, enjoying the plate of food and working on the article for an off-campus event on the Yearbook when Kevin came by, asked if I could pour my suggestion into this thing that he was working on. When I did, I saw a long email conversation between him and Dexter in the background. It seemed that they were trying to settle a misunderstanding without involving me since I was close to both of them.

I pretended not to notice and gave my input of ideas, to which Kevin was thankful for as he never thought of it and nodded his thanks, returning to his earlier seat. But since Mama Carrie was using my notebook at this time, I went and dropped a greeting with all of the friends (including Dexter) who were in attendance.

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