Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Rollercoaster

A dessert that Sue and I sunk our faces into

Now that the first half of the exams are done and dealt with, I can completely breathe a sigh of relief. Not exactly, though; a part of me is anxious and apprehensive over the concluding scores for History and World Issues.

Going into the final History paper with an average score that barely passed the minimum requirement is never good. Don't get me wrong. I love and will always love this subject because not only did it expand my view of the world (when combined with World Issues), it actually provides a new insight into the past historical events.

Did you know that China was the most powerful country in the 15th century when the Europeans came and sailed along?

Did you know that to establish a direct trade with China, the British formed a route when there was a shift of power in China that allowed them to bypass and undercut the Ottoman Empire?

Don't be mistaken. Just because I am passionate about History doesn't mean that I'll major in it.

I'm just going to say that I didn't work as hard as I should have on the assignments and presentations that will have boosted the average coursework score, that's all. Remember how I paid for the exhaustion during the World Issues Conference with my health? Well, yeah, that showed how lopsided the time management and how stressful that time period were.

I didn't know until yesterday that I was holding onto the accumulated emotional stress from all the late-night studying when I slept for 11 hours straight, sacrificing the morning exercise and a trip to our favorite haunt. Truth be told, it was already plastered on my face after the World Issues paper and worried both Bearie and Dexter but especially him.

You see, only those who are close friends with me are able to notice the sudden change in emotions just by observing my facial expression and my speech.

As for that day, I couldn't smile as much as I wanted. Too much was going on in that moment.

Then, on Friday, I did the unthinkable: I went back on what I promised my love.

Dear, I know you'll be reading this (one way or another) and please allow me to apologize for abruptly fleeing the scene during our conversation. I never told you this, but it cracked my heart seeing you dragging yourself like a lifeless soul during that rough emotional period of yours and it really worried me to my core. I lost sleep, fearing the worst.

With that memory in heart, I don't want to break your heart by seeing the teary eyes. You see, there's nothing I want more in life than to see you smile. When you're lively, I'll automatically be happy and cheerful.

This is what happened.

I shall spare you the details, but what eventually transpired was I broke down in front of Bearie and hurried off to the toilet when I heard footsteps rushing down the steps. The moment I locked myself in the cubicle, I leaned my head against the door and silently wailed, hoping that those bittersweet memories would be gone with every teardrop.

I'm fine today, or at least it looks that way.

But enough of the melancholic post.

Let's move on to the surprise birthday party.

Um, this was actually a friend's birthday cake. I can't seem to find a picture of my own birthday cake. Guess the photographer forgot to leave a copy for me?

Personally speaking, even before my birthday rolled around, I suspected that there might be a celebration for me at the lounge and was hoping that it wouldn't come true.

The partners-in-crime really need a crash course lessons in drama. =P No matter how hard they tried to behave in their usual demeanor, I knew that there was something up their sleeves. Still, I was surprised that my friends at the lounge actually took time out and went that far to plan the celebration for me.

What occurred during the bash shall remain at the lounge and in the hearts of all those present on that day. XD


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Hayley. =) Yup, those are M&Ms....the birthday girl loves it like nobody's business. XD

  2. oh... happy belated birthday! it sounds like a complicated time in your life, but here's hoping you'll someday be able to look back on this birthday and feel good about how things went =)

    1. Thanks, Sean. =) Well, the months of November and December will always have its complications for me...and I'm already having fond memories of this birthday. =D


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