Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Christmas Season Shopping

Hey there, my readers!

Guess what?

Christmas is a mere 5 days away! It's shocking to suddenly realize that time has flown past us in the blink of an eye. I remember being seated smack dead under the freezing air-conditioner, struggling with my History paper and now I can feel the temperature rising while preparing for the Christmas/New Year vacation abroad.

But still, have you settled with the presents for loved ones and friends? I've heard cases of people who'd actually wait until the eleventh hour to shop for the presents because there might be last-minute markdown on all if not some of the products. On the contrary, some folks wouldn't care much about the bulk discount. They would rather make the early purchase to secure the desired items and have it cleared out of the way.

For me, I am personally thinking of doing some Christmas shopping on Zalora Malaysia and browsing through the diverse collection of evening dresses that they have.

You may wonder, why specifically Zalora? Zalora offers the convenience of online shopping that offers a safe and secure payment channel with a fast delivery. There are a variety of fashion brands with matching accessories that are for sale at affordable prices.

Seeing that all of my college friends will be nudging me to attend the graduation prom next June (um, some of them were already casually talking about it even before the exams), I know that I will have to start searching for the dress that will accentuate all of the right places. Hey, every girl has her flaws.

After browsing through Zalora's online dress collection, I found a dress that might possibly fit what I'm looking for: a Yellow One Shoulder Evening Gown by ICE dressme and the best part is that it can be paired with an accompanying pair of earrings (Silver Floral Hoop Earrings by Black Queen, also from Zalora).

Oh yeah, before I forget, I will be having intermittent access to both the notebook and the Internet during the duration of my holiday as there won't be any free WiFi in the hotel that I'm staying in and I won't be paying through my nose for the access. Hell no. With that in your mind, please forgive me if there's any interrupted flow in the posting.

If I'm lucky, I might be able to post something while catching a meal at a WiFi-enabled restaurant. I'll try my best to reply to any emails or comments left behind, but I really can't guarantee. Please fret not; I'll respond to it when I'm back instead, which is somewhere in the middle of the next month. I have an interesting yet stressful life to return to. =)


  1. I just got my loots from Zalora not long ago..Awesome, especially their service!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Ciana.

    1. I'll most likely be doing a very belated Christmas shopping on Zalora instead, Yee Ling. I'm just afraid that the goodies will arrive after my flight departure. =/

      Thanks, Yee Ling. =) Have a safe Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too! =)


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