Wednesday, December 25, 2013

What in the world?

Note: this is a scheduled post.

I remember waking up, feeling like someone bashed me with a tin dish tray on the head but what's missing was the actual pain. It's probably the effects of not eating well.

I still don't understand what the following dream is about; it's never happened before but, oh well, it might be the exhausted mind entertaining itself. And probably, I am unknowingly missing my friends back home. =)

I dreamed that a group consisting of Kyle, Amanda, my dear and myself were attending an event at the conference hall. Amanda was at the foyer, taking a breath of fresh air from the crowded area while I was in the toilet cubicle, almost throwing up from the ingested food during tea break. I think I must've eaten a peculiar concoction of dishes that my stomach disliked.

Mere hours earlier, I ran into Kyle near my car in the parking bay and realized that he looked interestingly different. The chap was happier in the dream than in real life, cracking jokes with me in the playful way that Cookie does. I was relieved to see it because I was rather worried about his sudden change in behavior in real life as he was not being himself and reticent.

We all converged at the hotel lobby the next morning as some of us needed to catch the flight out of the town while the rest including yours truly were preparing to make the long drive home. I caught hold of Husky before he left and exchanged a couple of words with him over the upcoming deadline for an assignment since we shared the same class. My dear suddenly surprised me with a hug from the back and planted a peck on my cheek, making me stunned for a split second.


  1. Wishing you a happy weekend, no matter what comes to mind today =)

    1. Thanks, Hayley. Since today was a rough day, I hope tomorrow will be a happier day, =)


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