Thursday, October 4, 2012


I dreamt that there was a discussion among us about the new residential project, a seaside condo, that had to be within the gazetted land set by the local town mayor. She mentioned that although it would be profitable for the developer and the landlords/vendors, it was impossible to build it as the land was too small to comfortably contain four blocks of condominium units and visitor parking bays, what more to even plan it on paper. 

Her friend, Jonathan, had called, asked her to meet him at a historical cinema called Glendowie (come to think of it, I don't think there's such a name downtown) in Jln Sultan Ismail, KL. Since I had nothing to do that night, she allowed me to tag along to that place. We almost lost our way walking through those roads and those buildings. I wasn't too sure why he refused to look me in the eye or acknowledge my presence.


  1. Places being too small...I bet there's something about it in the interpretation of dreams.

    I can't remember what is is though, studied college level psychology in college, but just one course. Haha.

    Have a good weekend! :)

    1. It cannot be claustrophobia, that I know. I have chanced upon an article on it before but I can't remember what it means either. =(

      It's the cinema part that's mind-boggling; it feels like I've seen the friend's friend in real life and Glendowie is an area somewhere to the north of Auckland.

      You too. =) I however don't think I'll have a good weekend....


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