Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blow, blow til I be

If the title sounds familiar, it’s part of the chorus from the hymn “Spirit of God”

Chasing someone for something that belongs to you is literally asking God to give you immortality. That’s how I feel, really. Just because there’s a geographical distance between us doesn’t mean that I can be brought around the world in dizziness. Please, I’m fed up of all these BS excuses (pardon my language here) which I suspect is being played out by a hidden shadow.

What, man!

What’s so difficult in admitting that alright, I’ll return what is yours and we’re officially done? Oh hell, yeah, I know I’m being taken advantage of but the annoying part is that I can’t do much without the tangible proof.

There’s so much more to it than meets the eye.

If there is such a proof to prove that I’m wrong, he’s right, then fine, I’ll swallow it with a pinch and treat it as lessons learned, but if I can prove that he’s wrong, I’m right, then can I verbally bash him up? Because I’m so fed up that if I have the right connections, I’ll love for the person to pay for his sins until he returns what is rightfully mine.

As the Chinese saying goes, whatever Man does, God is watching. Did people really think that whatever they have done can be kept hidden forever? It’s simple; the guilty ones in God’s eyes will have to pay for it either in the same manner or in a different manner than what they’ve done to others.


Well then, before I emotionally explode at the computer screen, I will let the God handle this one I’ve always allowed Him to and sit back and watch the story unfold into the next chapters.

Speaking of world distance, it’s been hell of a day for me. Imagine having a whole load of errands to run in one afternoon…. it however didn’t work out according to plan. Some errands had to be left out – because there was time constraint and the department in charge closes early.


Among the errands was the trip to Ikea. Don’t look at me, the explanation will be given shortly.

But anyway, a trip is a trip. No point arguing about it.

Tagged along and grabbed a couple of items for the house as well. Well, 2 extra pillows to be exact. It’s not that the ones I’ve have are giving way; it’s just that it’s better in the event a guest suddenly decides to arrive for the night with only a moment’s notice.

I scowled when I noticed that the supply of the red cheese grater was discontinued, have already grown accustomed to that one as it doesn’t injure the fingers. Too bad – but not when it’s part of the kitchen utensils that I unintentionally left at the old place! Who in the world is going to remunerate me for those items?


  1. Take care Ciana! *hugs*

    Yup, I agree, God works in mysterious ways - and sometimes for the better. I was head over heels in love with this girl earlier this year and I was glad that she broke up with me (although I was broken at that time) coz after that I realized she's not the one for me.

    Hope everything goes well. I love Ikea trips if just for the overrated meatballs.

    Cheers! :D

    1. Thanks, HB.

      You know, your case sounds all too familiar. If we meet up personally, I'll tell you more about it.

      As all God-fearing people believe, He is the silent listener and observer to all conversations and actions. =)

      I'm there weekly because of Justlife, but I must say that you're right. The meatballs are definitely overrated, don't see the specialty in it.

  2. Hey Charlotte,you sound a lil bit down and angry in this post, I don't know how to comfort you with words,but I gotta tell you that I feel you,I totally understand how you feel when you're typing this, you're not alone , okay? You still have friends I believe, they're there for you... just lift up your chin and move on,soon you'll see a brighter future...and when you reminisce about your past, don't forget to smile, as you know this is just some obstacle that everyone have to go through. It's a lifetime learning procedure, some might have a worse experience than u ...heh... always think of the less fortune , and be thankful. I just want to remind you that God loves you ! Have a great day ahead , Charlotte! ;D

    1. Hey Eunice, it's more towards disappointment and deep anger that I feel towards the person in topic. Thanks for the encouragement; I really appreciate it! =)

      I guess it's just my bad luck that I ran into a person like that. Once again, thanks, Eunice and have a great day yourself too! =)

  3. I actually need to go Ikea this weekend. Hopefully I have the time to do so... I have been delaying some of my errands as well.

    1. Smitten, you should. I think Ikea's having some discounts for their members. =)


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