Friday, October 12, 2012



  1. You're introducing me to a whole world of Chinese music. :)

    It's very chill. I love the piano at the start.

    1. It's quite interesting to listen to Chinese music, especially the classic ones like this, HB. If you want, I could give you a couple of singers to start with...

      I listen to Chinese music partly to brush up on my fluency. The granduncle of mine has pressed Mama Carrie for so long to teach me either Mandarin or our dialect. I think I'll be writing about that soon. =D

    2. Sure, I only have familiarity with 3 bands/artists:
      1. Ah Niu (coz of my high school ex gf)
      2. Jolin Tsai (coz I watched her TV series)
      3. Powerstation

      What would you recommend? :D

    3. Ah Niu, I've heard of him. He sang "Dui Mian De Nui Hai Kan Guo Lai", which was popularized by Richie Ren.

      For starters, you can try:

      1) Tian Tang by Guang Liang
      2) Wei Dao by Xin Xiao Qi
      3) Ting Hai by A-Mei (I've listened to this one many times before, it's emotional)


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