Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rescue Ops: Hiking Accident

Sandy, I've been watching too much news.

Little Hut

I dreamt that a search op had been called to find someone who had went missing after a hiking adventure. A bunch of us including myself were amassed to execute the search and rescue.

It was after the heavy rain that we set out in our knee-high roots with our torch-lights and raincoats, divided into groups of two each. After we pushed through those tall grass and similarly looking trees, we found the victim barely conscious under the little hut, trembling and visibly shaken but with superficial injuries.

While the paramedics attended to the victim, my companion walked towards the hill and for no apparent reasons asked if there were people stuck in the jungle and needed help.

The answer that came froze us at our spots into silence. I stared at the companion, fear evident in my eyes. It was a ghostly voice and even though none of us mentioned it, we knew what it meant. One thing led to another and a body wrapped in plastic was found buried in the dirt with the ME carefully carrying the corpse out, giving it his utmost respect.

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