Sunday, May 19, 2013


Staying up late into the night is something that I don't regularly do unless there are matters that need urgent tending to. Seeing that it's an almost serene Saturday night and having a bucket load's worth of lists to fulfill, I think I can cut myself some slack and call it a night a little later.

The neighbors are at it again, doing what they know best.


Falling under the weather once in every fortnight is no joke when it ruins your whole day with the sneezing and the nose-blowing. I don't know about you, but it feels like the nose is like a leaky tap, constantly spewing water (or in this case, colorless mucus) around. When that happens, expect to see the packets of pocket tissue papers disappearing from the drawer in no time. If you thought you heard loud sneezing, please forgive the weakened soul. It was of no intention, but I'm now feeling much better after the whiplash and a sleepless night.

And on to the actual topic.

I don't know if I should call today's dream as weird because it was very real; it was like I'm going through it personally at this moment in time. Maybe after penning it down, I'll be able to relieve the soul of its weary.

And I'll cut to the chase.

I dreamed a majority of the business world had been invited to this closed-door event, and I was one of the lucky ones to have secured an entry in. Had to pull lots of strings on that. A couple of friends whom I've not seen in years turned up, too; watching them ignore me in their hot-shot wealth left me fuming. It wasn't like they had bequeathed their wealth from their father and the truth of the matter was that theirs was the typical rags to riches stories, with specks of luck to boot.

Back home, the three housemates - me, the sole female and two college mates of the opposite gender - were crowding around the idiot box, catching up on a mutual TV program. The two of us were on the floor, leaning against the couch; the older housemate and his girlfriend had cuddled up together on the couch above us.

We exchanged cynical looks, almost wanted to hug the toilet bowl and throw up.

A friend complained that she felt that her workplace was possessed, as the building elevators were not working as normally as it should. If the people who waited for their turns were unlucky, the elevators would not stop to ferry them above even if they pressed the "up" or "down" button ahead of time and causing them to be late for work.

She said that counting a day ago, it had happened to her thrice.


  1. that's quite a detail-packed dream, and it's interesting to try to figure out what your subconscious is saying, right. but at any rate, i hope you feel better soon and that the weariness in your soul gets eased and lifted somehow this week by a sense of relief and unexpected pleasure/joy =)

    1. The first part was actually a random ramble, Sean. =D

      I'm hoping for that too but life being life, it's pretty difficult to hope for relief and excitement. I think I must've ignored my body for too long now; otherwise, I'd be able to easily figure out what it needs and wants and the ways to satisfy it. =)

  2. I don't like late nights either. I feel as though I lose the following day if I'm up too late.

    1. But the situation requires to stay up late sometimes, Yum List. =(

      I know what you mean; it feels like the day have become shorter, right?

  3. What did the neighbours do? Party? Well, it was a Saturday night... You weren't out having fun like all the rest of the young people around?

    1. Well, they took the pleasure of ruining my sleep, suituapui. As for parties, I've had far worse experiences. >.<"

      Nope, I'm not one who likes to paint KL a bright red. Shopping would be fun for me, though. I'd rather nurse a boredom with a glass of cherry wine at home, but I'm just saying. xD

  4. amazing that you can recall your dreams with such precision.

    1. It's not actually amazing, missyblurkit.

      I'd always have to ransack the bedside table for a paper and pen and scribble the dream the moment I am awake. =)


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