Monday, May 20, 2013


And in succession to yesterday's dream, I was woken up by a pleasurable dream.

I dreamed that the four of us had agreed to meet up at the event venue instead, and I was guiding my Caucasian acquaintance, who was on the wheel. We had our identification cards ready when we stopped at a booth that resembled the toll booth, but the lady mentioned that we needn't to register ourselves and we could head straight in, using the special road access.

Searching for an available parking space took quite some time and by the time we arrived at the venue, there were lots of people who had turned up earlier, which made looking for our fellow friends difficult. While he disappeared inside, I hovered over to the cafe to satiate the growling tummy and was joined by two strangers who shared the table with me.

It took me quite some time to search for him, too. He was in the middle of a happy conversation when I waved him off, told him that the event was starting soon. The other two friends arrived shortly after, complained that the outside resembled a tornado, with the amount of cars parked here and there, legally and illegally.

I could barely concentrate on what the emcee spoke, as my mind had drifted away due to terrible boredom at his words, and sneaked out to clear the brain.


  1. All that in your dream? Gee!!! You sure are a dreamer, aren't you? I can never remember mine...unless it's a horrible nightmare.

    1. Yes, you are right, suituapui. =)

      Maybe, but I'd like to think that it's the work of the exhausted soul trying to relieve itself. Same here; the nightmares would leave me in a wake of cold sweat.

  2. I love pleasant dreams. Hmmm who likes nightmares? LOL.

    1. Me too, missyblurkit.

      It feels like the pleasant dreams will leave us relief in its wake and when we're mad, we can think back on the dreams and smile. Nobody likes nightmares, that's for sure. I know I don't like 'em. =D


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