Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Saturday's Exhausting Time

If sacrificing everything that I had planned for Saturday to be whisked off to attend the bank-organized property talk on Australian & Malaysian properties wasn't mean enough, realizing that what I had been briefed on differed from the event's planned show was the deal breaker. I was there not as an invited guest (mind you, I'm not holding an account with their bank) but as an observer for one of the property projects that was being introduced there.

I'm zonked out.

I still like the name that the developer christened for its wealthiest project.


Skye by Crown.

It sounds so innocent; too bad North Sydney won't be the place for my permanent residence. Not to offend anyone, but I'm not a member of the rich and famous and don't see how I am going to live there without an expanding bank account. While we are on the subject of properties, I excused myself through the crowd that had gathered at Sunway Properties and picked up a couple of brochures.

That's me; I don't like to be approached by the sales people and will only approach them on my own free choice if and when I'm interested in their product(s).

My heart sank when I saw that the purchase price for my favorite project (LaCosta Condominium); if it neared RM 1 million, the property would've doubled - or tripled - in value by the time I have saved enough dough for a modest pad.


I was so uncomfortable with the freezing hotel ballroom that I kept skidding out of the ballroom to reintroduce the warm air into my system to ward off the cold air. Until now, I still don't understand why I couldn't withstand the cold. It's not like I was in a formal gown or in a sleeveless shirt with a mini skirt.

It was towards the introduction of the third speaker that I bolted for a long period of time in search for warmer territories and a couch. I wanted to listen to him introducing Western Australia as there are quite a few of known associates who're studying there or have migrated there, and wanted to know why, but I just couldn't stay back.

My paws were on fire, and I had to climb two flights of steps before I spied an empty couch and sprawled on the seat. Who in the world would be able to stand for half a day without relaxing their paws? Certainly, it won't be me.  

I don't see how the showgirls are able to stand for the whole day in their sexy uniform and sky-high stilettos and being able to handle the cold air-conditioner.

When I returned with the warmer air in my system and a fresher mind, one of the guys (whom I was with) wanted to offer me his jacket to keep warm. I wasn't sure if he was pulling my leg or serious about it, so I replied, heh, thanks, I'm rather comfortable skidding in and out. While the crowd was being tamed with the lunch (that was served late), we struck a conversation in exhausted boredom.

It was past 3.30pm when the event came to a final close, with the hotel employees in full force for the next event and the events manager shooing all the remaining people out. I don't blame him. Who asked the organizer of this talk to start 90 minutes (1 1/2 hours) later than the scheduled time of 9.30am and ending late?

Why must humans practice tardiness and not punctuality?!

Even though the exhaustion had crept into my core and weakened me, I still waited for my acquaintance to be done with what it was that he was doing before we were able to bolt away. The long traffic congestion at Renaissance was a pain in the neck, almost caused me to yell at the cars in front to "move and get lost!" And I'd have, if it weren't for him at the wheel.

We agreed that we should say hello to Sprint Highway and bypass the intense congestion.

It was an eerily silent drive back; he was glued to the confusing roads of KL City with the fear of losing his way out and I was deep in thought, liking to think that I have learned valuable lessons in Sales & Marketing and wondering if it's relevant to mine. It was late evening (past dinner time) when I returned home with an exhausted soul, called in a night earlier than usual but ended up knocking out for 11 straight hours before the tune of "Afterlife" woke me up for the Sunday Mass, still exhausted but no longer weakened.

Thinking back, I could barely understand what the speaker had talked about... the right way of maximizing one's loans and investments and something to do with remortgaging a current property at the current market value to fund the purchase of another property.... blah, like my current financial state will allow me to be a small-scale investor now.

And soon, I'll have to undergo the exhausting journey down south!



  1. Skye by Crown is a very enticing name indeed. But yeah, property prices scare me. Even for my modest apartment in sri petaling, I'm still paying the mortgage, unfortunately, heh =)

    1. The project runs into the millions, and it's in AUD. There's no way we average Joes can afford a pad there, Sean - unless we are lucky enough to strike the lottery and want to make the most out of our winnings, lol. =)

      It frightens me when I think of the rising prices and the effects to the property market once it grows beyond the point of no return. I guess we can only hope that the property prices will fall to its knees soon and spare some misery on the owners' part. I know that paying the mortgage is not easy, when everyone's salary isn't being raised.

  2. It takes all kinds to make the world. Just have to learn to live with it. Nothing's gonna change...

    1. Thank you for the advice, suituapui. I'll take it to heart. =)


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