Friday, November 2, 2012

Come, now is the time to worship

I don’t know if I should be writing this post at all seeing that it will hit a couple of folks straight to their cores. But on another hand, I probably should jump at the risk and take it from there.

As most Catholics know, today is All Souls Day (or The Commemoration of The Faithful Departed, depending on which you’re accustomed to), another day of obligation for grieving families.

When the video on abortion was shown in substitute of the Homily, it left the parishioners aghast at the graphic images. Some couldn’t bear the thought and turned their heads away; some gasped in horror while others like me watched in silence with red, teary eyes. If you had shot a glance at my hands, you’d noticed that I had pressed my hands together until it almost went white.

Yeah, that bad.

For someone who has already learned a little on abortion and its post-operation trauma/consequences from those PCS-related articles, it was still tough watching it. It completely messed up with my mind that it was tough concentrating on Mass after that; almost missed the response for the Agnus Dei.

I think what the Celebrant meant is that we should appreciate life, even at conception. (Oh, boy, I hope Father doesn't come across this post. I don't want to be quoted. >.<)

But then again, with the events that transpired after Mass, it’s relieving to know that my mind was still with me. You see, those closest to me know how my mind can zone out in the snap of a finger. It also reminds me that I’ll have to brush up on my rustic rusty Cantonese. I'm a banana gang member, all right.


  1. Replies
    1. I wonder why the Mandarin speakers would describe us, the English speakers, as bananas.

      Even though my parents were alright with me turning out to be a banana, relatives from both sides were harassing them to teach me Cantonese. I guess those relatives are getting their way soon...


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