Monday, November 26, 2012

The volume is up, me and my CD player

I found myself seated next to the music player singing my frustrations away to a diverse collection of songs on the quiet night of Sunday. I had to do it aloud; I felt the annoyance rising to a threatening level. I didn’t care if it sounded screechy or like I was wailing away.

Neither did I care if it annoyed anyone else.

For all I knew, I needed to melt it away before it turned inward into anger and certainly before the fragile doors are injured. I have done it before and am capable of doing it again if I wanted to. It will send shockwaves down people’s spines. (But that was for a different reason, more like telling the former back neighbor that she shouldn’t talk on the phone with her loud voice. Nobody’s interested in the contents of her conversation.)

Then again, I kind of miss my former immediate neighbors. They were a much more understanding lot who left me alone to mind my own business.

Ah, welcome to my life!


  1. Music - food for the soul... I love Simple Plan's Untitled...more into sob songs. Enjoy them more. Old man, I guess.

    1. You're not the only person who loves sob songs, suituapui. I love sob songs too and it has landed me a couple of lectures from the adult fellows. =(

      Oh well.

  2. Music takes my stress away too. Thks for sharing the nice songs!


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