Wednesday, November 28, 2012

First Sandwich Day

She may still be a lady who’s never been the best cook in the Carrie household but she knows just about enough around the kitchen to survive one too many lonely meals.

The most I can do is pan-fried omelets that sometimes resemble more like an egg-rible (taken from the word 'terrible') disaster, in addition to boiled rice and noodles and steamed vegetables. The last I attempted stir-fry vegetables, I struggled to clean the burnt pan.

With the leftovers however impregnating the fridge yet once again (inside joke), I figured that I should take the time out and probably whip up some simple sandwiches.

Egg, Ham and Big Onion with Cucumber Sandwich

Egg and Ham with Cucumber Sandwich

I won't upload the recipe just yet but if you want it now, I can email it to you.

Just let me know which recipe you want.

I've never really had to cook a meal for myself as most of the family  meals are taken care of Mama Carrie but since an extended trip to Napa Valley (I'm not exactly heading in that direction and I'd like to keep the exact location a secret for now) will be coming soon, there's no choice but to experiment with recipes while I can find cheaper ingredients.

I might be taking the weekend off since it's my birthday that's rolling around the corner.


  1. Replies
    1. I'd certainly like to make myself the egg and tuna sandwich that people are selling, but this was the best I could make, Wong.

  2. I like omelets with big Bermuda onions too - they're sweet.

    When I was a kid, I can actually eat it just like an apple...a Bermuda onions I mean, peel it and bite into it.

    Nowadays, I just keep it to omelets and sandwiches. :D

    1. Wait a minute, HB. You once ate raw onions?! =O I've tried eating deep-fried onions (part of the tempura meal that we cooked) but it left me with a funny taste.

      I usually have muffins for lunch instead. Sandwiches are for those days when I'm not too lazy to enter the kitchen.


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